Follow along as we highlight vendors, collections and more! 

Meet the Vendor: Junk and Disorderly!

A pure genius business name! We are happy to host Junk and Disorderly once again for the Neighborhood Flea this Sunday as we have been graced with their amazing finds since the Flea was a year old. This junk isn't just any is high quality, prime, cool, weird, AMAZING junk that has stories to tell from Donora, PA. Come see Junk & Disorderly this Sunday, June 11th from 10a-3p at 2300 Penn Avenue. Read on to learn more about this Flea favorite!

What will you be offering at the Flea?

We try to offer a variety of items to keep our customers interested and we ALWAYS try to bring a ton of goods! We love anything antique, retro, weird stuff and cool junk! That's become our motto! 

How did you get started in your business? How long have you been at it?

I've always had a love for old things but I never had room for them in my own space. I thought I'd eventually own a shop once I retired as something to do to keep me busy, lol. Lo and behold after discussing it with my husband, his reply was "Why not now?" So, we bought a building in our town and filled it with treasures. We will be heading into our third year of business this Spring. 

Anything you are looking forward to this flea season?

The people! Everyone we have encountered has been awesome. It's always great hearing stories related to an item the customer finds in our booth that reminds them of the past, whether it's grandma's kitchen or grandpa's garage, those memories are always good ones. This will be our third season participating in the Neighborhood Flea and I can't believe how much it's grown! We love participating! 

Do you have any favorite finds from your time hunting down vintage goods? 

Some of my favorite finds (and weakness) are definitely vintage, metal, porch chairs and gliders. They remind me of my grandparents porch. I've started my very own collection at my home. I can't get enough! 

We love to know our vendors' stories which are as interesting and historied as the pieces they bring us. Meet the amazing Angela and team at this Sunday's Neighborhood Flea (June 11th) at 2300 Penn Avenue in the Strip from 10am-3pm. Join our Facebook event here for updates and more!

Kokedama, Terrarium & Terra Cotta Planters - Oh My June Workshops!

We had the best time seeing vendors sharing their crafts with Flea goers in May. We are back in June with even more super amazing make & take workshops at the Flea! 

Here's what we have in store for June:

Click through the gallery above to see some previews of the Flea workshops!

Garden Gnome Terrarium Workshop with Farm & Forest

Join us at the Neighborhood Flea in the Strip for a fun afternoon of making little gnome gardens. 

Price includes tin container, planting material, 2 plants, moss & decorative pieces, and a cute little gnome. The cost of this workshop is $35/terrarium.

Sunday June 11th / 11am / 2300 Penn Ave

Kokedama Make & Take Workshop with Workshop PGH

We'll be out at the Neighborhood Flea on Sunday June 11th selling our wares and offering a Workshop! At 12pm, we will offer an abridged version of our class where you can make one kokedama from a medium sized house plant! All supplies are included, cost is $20

Terra Cotta Annual Planter Workshop with Pisarcik Greenhouses

oin Pisarcik Greenhouses for their June 11th workshop at the Neighborhood Flea at 1 PM. This month’s attendees will get to work creating a set of annual planters in terra cotta pots! A selection of annuals, as well as instruction as to their growing tendencies and care will be provided, and each attendee will take home two planters that were designed and planted to specifically suit their very own doorstep. Cost to attend is $45 and includes all materials and tools.

ATTENTION! Pisarcik Greenhouses will be holding TWO SEPARATE Terra Cotta Annual Planter Workshops, one at the farm, and one at the Neighborhood Flea. Please be sure to select the correct location!

Meet the Vendor: SavedByTheThread

Marta Skokut is the owner of SavedByTheThread, a business that offers unique vintage clothes for men and women. This is Marta's first Flea season and we are so excited to welcome her super fresh inventory. See what she has to say on


What will you be offering at the Flea?

SavedByTheThread offers unique vintage clothes for men and women. I focus mainly on the 80s and 90s, but I'll pick up anything that catches my eye. 

How did you get started in your business? How long have you been at it?

I started my business in October 2016. I have always loved clothes and fashion. Before I started my business I was a merchandiser for a trendy clothing store, I think seeing the fashion trends being repeated year after year combined with knowing the conditions "fast fashion" clothes are made in inspired me to start my own business. I like to help people find unique pieces that 100 other people aren't going to have and also recycle clothes that still have a lot of life in them at the same time.

Anything you are looking forward to this flea season?

This will be my first flea market season so I'm looking forward to learning more and getting more experience. I'm also looking forward to interacting with my customers and getting feedback so I can continue to improve and expand my inventory. 

Do you have any favorite finds from your time hunting down vintage goods?

It's hard to pick a favorite find! It's always tempting to keep things I find for myself. I think my favorite find was a 90s Surf Style windbreaker, it was iridescent, neon, and really unique. 

Thanks, Marta! We love what our vendors have to say about the positive impact of buying vintage. It's easy being green when there are 60+ local vendors to buy from! We'll see you on June 11th at the Neighborhood Flea to shop from Marta and more. Join our Facebook event for more information. 


..."knowing the conditions 'fast fashion' clothes are made in inspired me to start my own business." 

-Marta Skokut

Create your own fab finds at our Flea workshops

Block print with Pop Craft at the Flea!

Block print with Pop Craft at the Flea!

The Neighborhood Flea is packed with food, vintage, and other fab finds but did you know our vendors facilitate workshops to send you home with your very own unique pieces?

We have three super workshops at the May 14th Flea. Bring your loved ones, create a perfect piece for the home or a great gift for mom! 

Plant a Succulent with Pisarcik Greenhouse: 

Join Pisarcik Greenhouses for a workshop at the Neighborhood Flea on May 14th at 1 PM and put together your very own succulent hanging planter! Mix and match different textures, colors, and sizes to create a hanging basket that is stunning all year long. The class will include instruction about the different succulent varietals available, as well as proper succulent care. Cost to attend is $40 and includes all materials and tools. Sign up through our Eventbrite

Block Printing with Pop Craft


Block print your very own tea towel and bag with Pop Craft with a variety of unique printing blocks. Mix the blocks, match the colors - make it yours! All materials are provided and the cost of the workshop is $35 in advance or $40 on the day of. More details at Pop Craft.

Make a Fairy Garden with Farm & Forest

Join Farm and Forest for a special Mother's Day Fairy Garden Workshop at the Neighborhood Flea. You'll create your own mini garden to take home complete with live plants, moss, stones, and other natural beauties, topped off with a special little fairy. This workshop is $35 dollars and includes all materials. Sign up at our Eventbrite

Meet Homestead Luminary

Photo by Jessie Tymoczko.

Photo by Jessie Tymoczko.

With such an exciting weekend ahead to kick off our fourth season, we wanted to introduce you to another seller who will be bring beautiful items to the Flea: Homestead Luminary! 

Homestead Luminary is Jessie Tymoczko and she creates a variety of gorgeous pieces out of TechShop Pittsburgh. 

1. What will you be offering at the Flea?

I make wooden lanterns, lamps and light boxes that are lit with LED tea lights as well as sun catchers and magnets that use the same design elements as my luminaries.  I have a new lamp design that I'm really excited to unveil at the neighborhood flea, it's in line stylistically with the pieces from my Flower Nouveau line.  I also offer custom luminaries and wood engraving. 

2. How did you get started in your business? How long have you been at it?

I've always been fascinated by shadow and light art, so I would have to say that's what inspired my dive into luminaries.  Having access to a laser cutting through TechShop Pittsburgh was a game changer, when I realized the full capability of the machines I tried my hand at making a small hanging lantern as a gift.  I loved it, my friends loved it and Homestead Luminary grew from there.  I started Homestead Luminary at the end of 2016. 

3. Anything you are looking forward to this flea season?

I am absolutely thrilled to participate in an open air market!   Market places are already very vibrant community gathering spaces, mixing in some fresh air and sunshine... it really brings up the energy of an event. 

We hope you will join us at the Flea to meet Jessie and all of our amazing vendors. We have a filled up season and every month brings something new at our Second Sundays in the Strip!