Cookies are great anytime! Ask Lisa and Emily from Simply by Design Cookies

Welcome to the Flea Emily and Lisa of Simply By Design Cookies LLC! The best answer in this interview might be the last one "We believe cookies are appropriate for any time! "


Your business brings about all kinds of warm, neighborly feelings of stopping by the local bakery for a cookie - or sneaking under the covered wedding cookie table. Even baking holiday cookies with grandma! We just KNEAD to know how you started your business! 
You are sisters but we assume you don't have cookie cutter jobs at Simply By Design. Tell us about what each of you specializes in for the business.  

Emily is our Marketing Director who started the business, maintains the day-to-day operations and tracks events for us to attend.  Lisa is the chief baker and handles the financial end of the business.  
What neighborhood will we find you in creating your sweet sensations?  

Our business operates out of Avonmore, PA.  Emily does produce the dog treats in her Wilmington home and our other sister, Mary, in San Diego is also involved in the dog treat business.  Since we are just starting production of the dog treats, all logistics are not finalized.
How long have you been baking professionally and what are your hottest sellers? Also, we know you do specialty formed cookies - what types of events do you provide these custom pieces for?  

We come from a family of bakers and have always had friends, family and co-workers comment on how delicious our cookies were.  We decided this was a great business to start since we specialized in baking and really enjoy producing our delicious treats!

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Tell us about the cookie table you will be preparing for September's Flea. Can shoppers pick their own favorites for a plate? What delicious offerings can we expect?  

We are going to show our designer cookies by displaying a few of our favorites and we will sell our specialty cookies (individually and by the dozen).
We open the Flea early in the morning in September. Are cookies appropriate for breakfast?

We believe cookies are appropriate for any time! 

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