It's Julia Warhola of The Art of Salvage!

The Art of Salvage is a secondhand vintage sales business located in Pittsburgh, PA and Julia Warhola is one of the lead salvagers! We got a chance to catch up with her and ask a little bit about the picking process. 

So we've read that you will help individual customers find specific items they are looking for. What's one of the coolest things you've come across in one of those missions? 

One customer gave us pretty open range as to what he was looking for. He said he had just moved and wanted to fill some empty space on his wall. We knew he was really into woodwork and found him a great 1960s sunburst clock. He loved it!

Can you name a couple of the coolest items you have found?

Hmm this is a tough one. We have found so many different items over the years. I picked up a cast iron gargoyle that was pretty strange. I sold an alien baby about 6 months ago that was very interesting. He was definitely a conversation piece! I recently picked up an antique bankers desk that is very cool. We love finding super unique pieces that you may only see one of in a lifetime. A few years ago I sold a very primitive huge mortar & pestle set. I remember thinking I will never see one of these again! It was a great piece. 


What's your process for picking? Do you have a game plan in mind or do you go out and just see what's out there? 

There is definitely a whole process when it comes to picking. I could probably write an entire book on it! I map out my sales either on Saturday morning or Friday night. I have a quick look around the sale and just start picking up anything that looks interesting. Co owner Rob Parise and I definitely have different styles from each other but it is a good thing. I think it makes The Art of Salvage more attractive to people because we have such a broad range of items and styles. 

What's your favorite neighborhood in Pittsburgh? Why?

You really never know what you are going to find. You can be in the nicest neighborhood in town and find nothing. I like to go for older neighborhoods. Just because they are older doesn't always mean they will have antiques but there is a better chance than picking in a new housing plan. I like to find neighborhood sales as well. Less driving more picking!

If you want to check out all that Julia has to offer, catch up with her on Facebook and, of course, visit her at our next Flea!

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