Meet Toll Gate Vintage Co. at this Saturday's Flea!

We are really excited to get back to the Flea grind this weekend! This time we will be inside (thankfully) at the Pittsburgh Public Market. Bar Marco is going to be serving up small cocktails and we have a whole slew of new sellers!

Have a very vintage holiday this year with Toll Gate Vintage Co. who will be bringing extremely cool vintage gems. Look below to learn more about our seller.


What's your favorite Pittsburgh neighborhood? Why?

The Northside.  We recently moved our studio to the Northside, and it has given us a chance to explore the neighborhood.  We are constantly stumbling upon little gems hidden within its streets, like Randyland in the Mexican War Streets.

How'd you get started with Toll Gate Vintage Co.?

It started as just a little side project where I would build custom DIY pieces that my girlfriend would see on Pinterest.  I had access to an abundance of reclaimed wood on our family farm (Toll Gate Ayr Farm, where our name comes from) and I slowly started building pieces for more people and picking at estate sales & flea markets on the weekends.  When I felt like I had accrued enough inventory, I went to my first show as a vendor, loved it, and it has all grown from there.  Now we focus on more carefully curated, ready to display pieces and work closely with designers, contractors, bars & restaurants to supply them with hard to find, unique vintage decor that will distinguish their space from any others. 

What past era is your favorite? Ever pick up something cool from that era?

 I'm very drawn to the mid to late 1800's when Pittsburgh was developing into an industrial giant.  There is so much history tied to this area and it all started around then with Carnegie, Mellon, Rockefeller, and Schwab.  I have found several industrial pieces from this era, most of which I keep for my own collection.

With food trucks and Bar Marco and tons of other local sellers, what are you most excited for at the Flea this weekend?

I'm definitely looking forward to meeting all of the other amazing sellers, making some new friends, and filling up my growler at East End Brewing.

Check out some things that may be making an appearance at the Flea from Toll Gate Vintage Co. at Etsy.

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