Mobile Sculpture Workshop Marries Trade and Art

By Morgan McCoy

One of the biggest inspirations to the Neighborhood Flea is the beauty that forms when craft and trade meet. 

Mobile Sculpture Workshop embodies exactly that. This past May, the Mobile Sculpture Workshop (MSW) launched with the intent to involve high school aged students by helping them foster technical skills through the craft of sculpting. MSW is an experience for these students in all ways. Not only is it tremendously helpful in learning about art and trade but it also gives them headway into learning about the cultural public art all around them and trains them for in-demand fields such as welding. They also get to work with creative geniuses in the field of sculpting, such as artist Tim Kaulen

MSW was recently featured on Awesome Pittsburgh where you can find out some more about project administrator Andy Prisbylla and more specific info about the project.

"This summer, MSW project representatives have appeared at the Polish Hill Festival, in Braddock at Chef Kevin Sousa’s Superior Motors community cookout, in Munhall at the Rivers of Steel Sunday Heritage Market at the Pump House, and will be in Rankin on August 16 at the Save the Deer Fundraiser at the Carrie Furnace." 

The Neighborhood Flea is so excited to feature such an incredible initiative that has given some talented young people the opportunity to gain tangible experience in art and trade. MSW is currently full on the staffing and student side but be sure to keep an eye out for their Facebook page here where you can keep up on all the happenings of the Mobile Sculpture Workshop and learn about the GoFundMe campaign they will soon be launching. It's all about community support, people. We love our innovative artists of all sorts!

mobile sculpture lab.jpeg

See ya at the Flea on August 24th! If all of this incredible stuff doesn't interest you then maybe the food trucks will. (more info here.) 

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