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Megan Sicheri is a certified Fitness + Health Coach. After graduating from Pitt with a degree in Marketing and a degree in Creative Writing, she headed south for adventure. She started her own Public Relations and Event Planning Company and hustled her heart out until she realized that it was no longer the right fit. Health and Fitness has always been where her passions lie. She has since headed back to Pittsburgh and is dedicated to make the city and it's people healthier and happier. Her favorite training styles are body weight exercises, isometrics, and TRX training. You can find her Bootcamping and Personal Training all over the city. She loves green juice, red wine, and bad jokes.

My training philosophy is if you're not having fun you probably won't stick with it, so, my job is to make it as fun as possible. That being said, I do have a reputation for being pretty tough. I assess your capabilities and push your limits and then bring you back so I can push you again. If you train with me or take one of my classes you can expect to get sweaty, you can expect a full body workout every time, and you can expect to hear me laugh at my own jokes. I love communicating +motivating which pairs well with fitness training.

Tabata is a H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) workout that focuses on strength and cardio. It's a great way to get the most bang for your buck. Everyone is busy, so I like to train efficiently. In, out, and on with life.

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About Organically Social

Organically Social is an online-based business-to-consumer company promoting health and wellness within the Pittsburgh area. By connecting health-minded individuals with quality health and wellness experts, we optimize access to “best life” opportunities and strengthen relationships between community members.

Organically Social partners with an extensive network of local businesses that share our passion for health, wellness, and community engagement. Striving to make daily wellness practices simple and convenient, our network features discounted services and products exclusively available to Organically Social card-holding members.

Through health and wellness events and community involvement initiatives, we provide members with the resources needed to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Trenton M. Oczypok
Owner and Founder
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Organically Social, Pittsburgh 
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