Frozen Deliciousness at the Flea!

During the heat of the Flea your first stop can be to POP STOP and you can easily find them with their new Sweet Truck.

Owned by Todd and Laura Saulle, Pop Stop brings cool treats to the Flea. We asked Todd to share more about his sweet business with us.  

Congratulations on your new addition! We can't wait to hear what will be for sale in the brand new Pop Stop Sweet Truck. Customers at last year's Flea loved stopping for a cold pop treat and we're looking forward to cooling off with Pop Stop this season.

Can you tell us about how you got your start in the frozen treat business? 

I got in the frozen dessert biz after talking to someone who worked in a gourmet pop shop in Philly. I was so enthralled by the idea that I couldn't stop thinking about starting my own. A few months later, I was out on a cargo bike hauling around pops. That was back in 2013. From there, we've grown to offer many more flavors and are now able to accommodate parties for up to 1,000 guests. It's been a sweet ride ;). 

How do you come up with your unique popsicle flavors? 

I've tried to find inspiration in a variety of food arenas. Sometimes a favorite sandwich, like the Elvis (Peanut Butter, Banana and Honey) has inspired a flavor. Often I look at cocktails for interesting flavor combos. Occasionally, ice cream cookbooks are good for flavor ideas. For example, we adapted a pumpkin pie ice cream recipe to create our Pumpkin Spice pop. When it comes to combining fruit and herbs together, they will usually work in tandem if they grow in the same season. With all of that, we come up with our flavors. 

The Sweet Truck is new this year and we heard a rumor it holds more than popsicles. Tell us all about your new wheels. 

Yes, the rumors are true! The Pop Stop will be serving other frozen dessert items. First, we're giving customers the exciting option of a chocolate dip for any ice pop they purchase. Just like you dip your soft serve at Dairy Queen. We'll also be serving a Latin American shaved ice call raspados. Raspados is similar to traditional shaved ice, but you add some sweetened condensed milk to the ice for a creamier texture and some freshly chopped fruit to the top for a more authentic flavor. We are also planning to sell a variety Leona's Ice Cream Sandwiches. Katie and Christa (owners of Leona's) have been very supportive of our Sweet Truck since I told them about the idea last summer. They even contributed to our crowdfunding campaign. We're really looking forward to adding ice cream to our selections. Finally, we'll be serving Red Ribbon soda to support the local Natrona Bottling Company. Please stop by and check out all our cool offerings!

What neighborhood do you enjoy even more than all the others in Pittsburgh? Would you share your favorite hidden gem we might not know about? 

I enjoy Morningside the most. There's only a few businesses, but it's a great place to live. My favorite gem in the city has to by the Bayernhof Museum. If Willy Wonka and Mozart had a child, he would live in this house. Schedule a tour and enjoy the ride. It's amazing.