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We've had our eye on Ragged Row for a couple of years now. It's hard not to notice their accessible yet fashionable feel. Stay in the know with Ragged Row on their website and connect to their new fashion line, Ragged PGH on Facebook & Instagram. We wanted to get you the inside scoop so we reached out for a little Q & A with owner, Brigitte Nguyen.


Q: Ragged Row not only has a lovely online presence, but has a brick and mortar storefront in Pittsburgh's artsy and fashion forward neighbor, Sewickley. We know you are active in the business district, how does your neighborhood work together to promote small boutique business like Ragged Row?

A: A group of merchants recently started, Sewickley Shops to help promote all of the merchants - restaurants and boutiques. This summer Sewickley Shops put together a Night Mart, a street festival where all of the local merchants set up tents in the middle of Beaver street, plus there are food trucks and a live band which really make it a fun night for families or groups of friends. I was recently voted to serve on the Sewickley Valley Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, so I'm looking forward to do even more to help promote the small businesses in Sewickley.


Q: We're feeling an edgy yet accessible style to everything your offer in the store. Tell us about your driving aesthetic? 

A: At Ragged Row, we offer a lot of high end denim and trend-forward pieces that can be worn every day, or for a special occasion. Before opening our brick and mortar store, we began designing and printing Pittsburgh-themed apparel for both men and women. The style of shirt, color choice, and fabric are just as important as the design. We focus on offering a total package instead of a basic Pittsburgh t-shirt. Our shirts sit perfectly with all of the other brands we carry at Ragged Row, and we try to incorporate fashion trends in the styles we offer as we release shirts seasonly as a collection. While we hope our customers are wearing them to support our sports teams, it's great seeing people wearing them around town or on vacation in different cities and countries.

We recently launched our Ragged PGH brand to help establish the product's own identity. All of our shirts are sold at our Ragged Row store, located at 507 Beaver Street, Sewickley PA 15143, and at www.raggedrow.com.  


Q: How long has Ragged Row been in Sewickley and how did you get started in the business? 

A: We are coming up to our 2 year anniversary late this month! Before starting my own business, I worked as a graphic designer at American Greetings card company in Cleveland for 4 years. While there, I was studying different markets, including the fashion industry and traveling to different cities to visit their boutiques. At the same time Pittsburgh was going thru a major re-vamp with Google and other major corporations re-locating here. It was really the perfect time and opportunity to start my own boutique. 

Q: We are super excited to have you curate a collection for Sunday's Flea. Can you give us a sneak peek at what you'll have for us!




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