Seven Creeks Spring Water at the Flea

We wanted to share more about new seller Tim Galownia from Seven Creeks Spring Water. You may see Tim at farmer's markets and other drop off points around town. We are happy to have him bring his organic spring water to us at the Neighborhood Flea. 

We asked Tim to share more about his spring and the water that will be available on Sunday.

Tim: The spring has been used as long as anyone can remember. In 1997 the Ohio EPA tested the water and it did not exceed any Major Contaminant Limits for drinking water. We filter our water with a one micron absolute rated filter and purify it with an ultraviolet light, similar to bottle water systems. Unlike bottle water systems, we do not add any ozone which creates disinfection byproducts.

Over the years we have had our water tested numerous times for over 200 contaminants and hundreds of tests for bacteria. Never once has our water failed a test due to excessive bacteria or has it exceeded the Major Contaminate Limits. Since our system is fully automated and will not operate if the ultraviolet light is too weak, we only have to perform bacteria tests on the portable water kiosk when it is first operated after setting all winter.

In addition to minerals, one thing that our organic spring water has that bottle and public drinking water doesn’t  is clay colloids. Clay colloids are flat plates of silica, calcium and magnesium, and are smaller than bacteria, and pass through most filters, including our 1 micron filter.

Although you can't see these clay colloids, they are in our spring water and give the water a slight tint which varies during the season. No one knows what effect clay has but research at the Arizona State University has shown some clays have antibacterial properties, but they do not know why. We also have clay that settles out of our water for sale.

Where is your spring located? 

Our spring is located near Steubenville Ohio, in a remote hollow, along a shady, pristine stream. There are also primitive campsites, nature trails, and Garden Golf.

Our portable water kiosk hit the road last year and has been at different events. We will post our upcoming jaunts on our website and Facebook page. We are also at the Mt. Lebanon Uptown Farmers Market every Saturday morning and do different water drop offs for customers.

Find more about Seven Creeks Spring here:
Seven Creeks Roadside Spring on Facebook.

**Other Offerings**

In addition to spring water we have wild mushrooms and other seasonal edibles such as ramps, paw paws, spice bush berry.  We can do certain items on request such as the painters mushroom or "Artists Konk".  They go bad if picked and not used so no need to pick them until someone wants one.