Sphinx Vintage Returns to the Flea

Jessica of Sphinx Vintage is not to be missed on Instagram. You can easily shop there or catch up on her entire collection on Etsy. You will find clothing and accessories all of which are easily identified as statement pieces. The patterns or the cut - it is always eye catching and always swoon worthy. She does the hard work of seeking out bold 70's colors and soft vintage fabrics. If you need sequins, fur, leather, or big bell sleeves in your wardrobe, Jessica has it. We can't wait to check out her newest finds at Sunday's Flea! 


Hi Jessica! We love your style and are actually wondering what you are wearing to the Halloween Flea. Do you have any special wardrobe in mind? 

Thanks! I will be serving '60s does '20s Egyptian Revival realness. There will be a headdress involved. I hope I'm not the only one in costume!

We love hearing from our sellers about their neighborhoods and what their favorite hidden gem is close to home. Where do you call home and what is your favorite local haunt? 

I'm a resident of Polish Hill -- the most underrated of neighborhoods. You can catch me and my bratty Boston Terrier mix getting coffee and delicious pastries at Lili Cafe just about every morning.

How did you get into collecting vintage pieces? Was it for you personally and then you branched out? 

Yep, that's exactly how it went! I kept finding awesome things that wouldn't fit me and couldn't bear to leave them behind and thus Sphinx was born.

What do you focus on while hunting for new stock for your shop? 

I always, always, always go for statement pieces. To me, that's what shopping vintage is all about. Why buy some boring old dress that looks like any other dress you could get at the mall, when you could get something super unique that no else will have? I've also been getting really into the older stuff  -- blame it on all the Boardwalk Empire I've been binge watching lately -- so keep an eye out for more pre-WWII stuff in the near future.

Where can we find you popping up outside of the Neighborhood Flea? 

If you close your eyes and whisper, "Sphinx Vintage" three times while standing in front of the dressing room mirror in any thrift store in southwestern PA, I will appear. Nothing supernatural -- I'm just always there.

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