The Flea Team: Carrie

Hello! I'm Carrie Nardini, the "Market-ress" and Founder of the Neighborhood Flea. 

My pop up market career officially started in 2007 when I co-founded the I Made It! Market, Pittsburgh's nomadic indie craft marketplace. But I've been marketing for a long time. Always a crafter and collector, I made my own jewelry and sold at craft markets as an apprentice to a metalsmith. Then I had the opportunity to macrame more than 2,000 hemp necklaces during my tenure at Oakland's sorely missed Tela Ropa. Also during my college years I amassed a large collection of polyester plus sized dresses which I sorely miss after selling them during a move (hindsight). 

My love of vintage has lead me on many an adventure. Don't you just love the thrill of the finding those little neighborhood gems, the hidden mom and pop places? I do! One of my favorite thrift store shopping trips is heading up Rt 30 and stopping everywhere along the way (shhh don't tell anyone). From early days wandering around the Eastland "dirt mall" flea market to my post-college days scouring thrift stores from Pgh to Florida, I've collected it all but really love anything midcentury. 

In the time between markets I provide marketing services to emerging and creative small businesses. Find more on my website including a contact form or just message me here if I can help! And there is one more business in the family! My husband recently opened Drawbridge Games in Castle Shannon. So our son has had lots of entrepreneurial experiences in his 4 years - scoping out spaces, seeking out artists & sellers, handing out flyers, and helping run the register at dad's store. I'm kinda excited to see what he decides to open someday. 

My team is the absolute BEST if  you see them, or me, at the Flea please say hi! We'd love to meet you. 


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