Tronny is a Treasure Trove of Tiny Pittsburgh Gifts

Sometimes hidden, sometimes visible, The Pittsburgh Craft-O-Tron holds tiny handmade gifts made by Pittsburgh artists and lovingly curated by the machine's manager, Lynne Kropniak.

A Five-r gets you a quirky, cool, or functional keepsake made by talented folks like Daniel. 

Lynne shared a bit about what the Craft-O-Tron will have for you at August 24th's Neighborhood Flea. 

The Pittsburgh Craft-O-Tron artists come out of the machine, bringing art too big for tiny boxes to the Neighborhood Flea!

Daniel Baxter, the head-honcho of the Kreepy Doll Factory will have many new one-of-a-kind dolls on hand to delight you with.

Daniel Shapiro, of Cowboy Goods will   have both handmade and vintage items for your shopping pleasure.

You can design your own pin by swirling dots of paint around! It's a free make 'n take!

Craft-O-Tron T-shirts will be available and grab bags too!

See you at the Neighborhood Flea!

Carrie NardiniComment