Vintage, Thrift, Consignment in PGH!

Our fabulous intern Morgan offers a roundup of some of her favorite vintage, thrift, and consignment shops in Pittsburgh.

There has been a surge in all things vintage, thrift and consignment in recent years. Some like it, some don't. We at the Flea are too into it! Therefore...

The Flea present (in no particular order) Pittsburgh's best in vintage, thrift and consignment!

Who New Retro Mod Decor
5156 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Who New Retro Mod Decor is like a bag full of silver metal and primary color Legos exploded into a bunch of furniture and decor. It has that perfect retro ambiance and all those sweet pieces of furniture you thought were ugly at your grandma's house. Trends come and go but grandma always prevails!

Saint Vincent DePaul's
3423 Library Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15234

This little thrift store is awesome. It is technically Castle Shannon but it's just 2 minutes outside of the South Hills city limits and I have to include it on this list for the unbeatable deals. Saint Vincent runs on donation and proceeds are given to the community. Cool! They also run a deal each day of the week and on Saturdays they pick one tag color to be 99 cents. The prices are already better than Goodwills, so even if blue tags aren't the Saturday color - you're not breaking the bank for a neat piece! 

Eons Fashion Antique
5850 Ellsworth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Eons is a really cool vintage shop in Shadyside with decades worth of incredible designs. The owner is supremely friendly and everything is fun to look at! You have to stop by because it's basically a museum of American fashion. From 80's punk combat boots to classic swinger dresses, Eons definitely has at least 10 of it.


Highway Robbery Vintage
1411 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Highway Robbery Vintage has an awesome collection of vintage clothing and gets involved in all sorts of great events around the city. They definitely bring a unique assortment of excellent pieces to their home store in the South Side and to places like the Neighborhood Flea! Their pieces still have that precisely chosen feel without staying specific to one generation or style.  


Clothes Minded 
4740 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Clothes Minded is a super clever name so there's a point for them right off the bat! Located in Bloomfield, this super sick consignment shop is everything hardcore thrifties could ever want. A fine selection of all things high fashion, entry level fashion, couture and even a little bit of punk is what this shop is comprised of. They have half off tags and extremely reasonable prices. 


86 South 26th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Zenith, an art gallery/vegetarian lunch spot/vintage store, is located in South Side. They are open for brunch from Thursday to Sunday which includes a pasta/dessert/everything healthy and vegetarian ever bar, an entree and unlimited tea or coffee. It's so good. If there's a line? No problem, browse an impressive collection of vintage decor and clothes as you wait and help yourself to some coffee while you take in some incredible art. It's as perfect as it sounds. 

The next couple picks are online stores run by great folks from the 'Burgh! 

Sphinx Vintage & facebook

Sphinx Vintage has drool-worthy photos and an excellent assortment of really beautiful vintage clothes. Honestly, just go to the website now and scroll through the quality pieces/photos they offer!

Posthumous & facebook

Posthumous is a new start up currently comprised of select vintage/trending pieces. They are currently working on involving small artists in their trade to combat stores like Urban Outfitters who are ripping off of our small artists! They'll be adding to their vintage/curated thrift selection while beginning to offer goods like vintage postcards, art embellished apparel and choker necklaces. 

This is not an exhaustive list, of course, just a solid overview of some of our favorites over here at the Flea. Let us know some of your favorites or write us a review of your excellent burrito experience over at Zenith sometime and stay tuned for all things Flea!

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