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We're back for our third event on Sunday, September 28th with a save the date for October 26th! THANK YOU to all of the sellers and shoppers who have joined us so far and we can't wait to see everyone tomorrow at our space in the parking lot at the corner of 23rd Street and Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh's Strip District. 


We'll be ready for you at 9 am and will be rocking until 2 pm. Some sellers might stick around if you are still shopping! 


Parking on the streets is typically free on Sundays but make sure to check for signs just in case! 

Park in the lot for $7 and you won't have far to go when you want to stow your Flea Finds!

Sept Flea Food.jpg


We've got a lot of deliciously yummy food choices for you to both eat at the market and to take home for later! Here's a post with more information about the food trucks, coffee, and bakers who are joining us this Sunday.


Neighborhood Flea sellers range from HANDMADE vendors to VINTAGE collectors and SERVICE providers. We've put together a juried collection ourselves, offering a vibrant shopping experience. Some of our sellers include Ashley from Papyrusaurus, Kim from Reposhture, Dylan Evans Design, our good friend DJ EZ Lou, Lisa and Emily from Simply Design Cookies, The Cramer Family of Olive and Marlowe, and here is a complete list of our September Sellers.


Arrive early and stay late! We're ready to hang out. Sip a Zeke's Coffee or Natrona Bottling Co. soda while getting a custom henna drawing, pick up PUMPKINS for decorating and cooking, fall flower bunches, and home decor galore! 

Our clothing sellers include the brand new Highway Robbery Vintage fashion truck and Crazy Hot Clothing plus t-shirts for girls and designers, My Salvation and FareFeathers plus reclaimed woodworked art from Beth Anderson.

The list is literally amazing and highlights the talent and love this great city has to offer. 

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