Worker Bird

Welcome to Kim from Worker Bird! 

Our fab intern, Morgan, interviewed Kim from Worker Bird who will be selling alongside fellow Pittsburgh designer and friend, Allison of strawberryluna, at Sunday's Neighborhood Flea. Thank you to Kim for sharing more about her work with us! We share a love of the South Hills and Boston Terriers with Kim. 


Can you share some background about your business?

I have been putzing around, making things for years but I finally decided to get serious and started Worker Bird about two years ago. It's a work in progress but I'm happier now than I've ever been.

What do you do in your spare time? Do you collect anything?

Spare time and real time is pretty much the same thing. I joke that my husband and I are already retired: we do what we want, when we want, on a verrrrrry limited income. That being said, when I'm not actually sitting down to make something I love to be outside in the yard, watching our chickens. I like to walk in the woods and bird. I like to build fires. 

I collect too many things. I'm a hoarder-in-training. I love old tools, linens, things with birds on them, and the Virgin Mary. Luckily now that I need old tins for my work I have an excuse to go to estate sales. I'm "working."

What are you most excited for at the Flea?

Spending a day in the Strip, outdoors, surrounded by fun people enjoying themselves!

What neighborhood do you reside in and what's neat about it?

I live in Mt. Lebanon. We live down the hill from the best hardware store, all the bars and restaurants, my son's school, and the train station. And we have a huge house with studios for myself and my husband. AND we're allowed to have chickens. Can't be beat.

How did you get into creating Worker Bird?

Do you mean the name? My husband's nickname for me is "bird." Combine that with my love of honeybees, especially the worker bees and - voila - Worker Bird: Busy as a Bird. I like the play of the two things and their importance in my life. Worker Bird is not just the tin pieces I make - it's also the events I do at Churchview Farm and the illustrations and design work I do for clients.

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